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Review of the Ontario Landlords Association: Toronto Star Recommends the Ontario Landlords Association

July 13th, 2014 · No Comments · BC Landlords Association Review, Ontario Landlords Association Review, Trolls

 Toronto Star Recommends Joining the Ontario Landlords Association

Toronto Star Says Join a group such as the Ontario Landlords Association  where after becoming a member, you can do a credit check for as low as $10, and use their supporting materials to assist you.

Every experienced landlord in Ontario knows being a landlord in Ontario isn’t easy.

After all we often read stories in the newspaper about Tenants From Hell.

The Toronto Star recently has a story about Nina Willis.

She is a person the Star calls the “Tenant From Hell” because she keeps using the flawed Ontario landlord and tenant legal system to protect bad tenants and rip off good landlords.

How Does the Tenant From Hell Cheat Landlords?

Here is how Ontario landlords get cheated by her.

She likes to pick on Toronto landlords and Scarborough landlords.

Before moving in she recites a great story she has prepared to get the small scale landlord to rent to her and her friends.

As soon as she is “in” the rental unit she cancels cheques and starts bringing up bogus repair claims to avoid being evicted for not paying the rent.

British Columbia

Unfortunately these type of nasty bad tenant tactics are spreading.

BC landlords are facing serial bad tenants who owe tens of thousands of dollars in owed rent and they only avoided jail time by paying one of their ex-landlords the rent they owe!

Alberta Landlords

Alberta landlords are high alert after the facts came known of a ‘nice couple’ tricked their small landlord into renting to them based on their happy demeanor and the fact their kids could go to the school across the street.

They started a marijuana grow op that destroyed their landlord’s rental business. He didn’t run a credit check to confirm the ‘sweet words’ they gave him during the interview to rent his house.

Edmonton landlords took careful notes.

How Can The Canada Association Help Landlords?

The Ontario Landlords Association, Alberta Landlords Association, and the BC Landlords Association offer amazing help to landlords for a one time set up fee!

For the one time fee you get access to discounted credit checks and the Rental Kit with premium documents you need to succeed.

Trolls and Negative Posts About the Ontario Landlords Association

There have already been some great blog posts explaining those who wrote negative reviews of the Ontario Landlords Association.

These are people who benefited from Ontario landlords not knowing their rights (like pro tenants) and not networking. So of course they HATE the Ontario Landlords Association.

There are also cases where some Ontario Landlords joined the Ontario Landlords Association and loved it.

However, they didn’t follow the strict rules to maintain membership and were ‘evicted.’

This led to some troll posts on other forums trying to defame the Ontario Landlords Association on other websites.

Paying the Low Set Up Fee of $99 Doesn’t Allow You To Break The Terms Of Service

Some new landlords thought paying the one-time membership fee allowed them to break the rules. It doesn’t. There is a lot of case law of successful lawsuits for defamation on the internet. It’s not a good idea to defame someone or an organization or legal action can be taken.

Negative Posts Against BC Landlords Association

We have also seen some crazy attempted smear jobs against the excellent BC Landlords Association.

Many of these negative posts on other forums and websites seem to be from people angry the BC Landlords Association only charges a one time set up fee and is growing so fast!

After all, charging an annual fee doesn’t make sense for small landlords even if it does pay salaries for employees.

Ontario Landlords Association Review – Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a One-Time Fee and Get Access to Terrific Credit Check Services and an Amazing Rental Kit.

BC Landlords and Alberta Landlords – Join the BC Landlords Association and the Alberta Landlords Association for a One-Time Fee.

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