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Ontario Landlords Association Review – Member Tenant Credit Checks

November 14th, 2013 · No Comments · Ontario Landlords Association Review of Membership

 Ontario Landlords Association Review Tenant Credit Checks

Time For A Review of the Ontario Landlords Association Member Tenant Credit Checks

The Ontario Landlords Association is the fastest growing landlord association in Ontario.

They offer lots of tools and services to help landlords exceed.

Among these tools and services are Tenant Credit Checks.

Are Tenant Credit Checks Important for Landlords?


They are absolutely essential if you want to find good tenants and avoid the growing list of ‘professional tenants out there.’

Tenants From Hell Can Be Avoided With Credit Checks

Remember Nina Willis?

She has left a string of financially ruined all over Toronto and the GTA.

The landlords who rented to her didn’t do a tenant credit check.

Ontario Landlords Association Review – Member Tenant Credit Checks

Let’s take a look at the tenant credit check services offered by the Ontario Landlords Association for their one-time fee.

1. Tenant Verification Service (TVS)


TVS is a premier Tenant Background Check service that is easy to use, fast and efficient.  

TVS can help landlords avoid risky tenants and save money with tenant background checks, Landlord Credit Checks, and Tenant Screening.

Verdict: Excellent

TVS reports provide you with a score and the details you need to choose the right tenant.

The customer service team at TVS is amazing.

2. Garda Background Screening


It is easy for landlords to find any kind of tenant for their rental property. 

It is much more difficult to find the right tenant who will not pose a risk to your investment.  How do you protect yourself and your property? 

Garda can help with our Canadian tenant screening services. 

Verdict: Excellent

Landlords need to try out Garda. You will be amazed how Garda credit checks can provide you with detailed information to help you choose a great tenant.

The Garda team is terrific and the system to conduct checks is fast and efficient.

3. Equifax Tenant Selector


Tenant Selector draws on Equifax’s market leading source of consumer credit  information to instantly provide users with 24/7 access to a real-time recommendation on prospective tenants. 

No longer is it necessary to pull and review an applicant’s credit report to protect oneself against the potential threat of income loss or identity theft.

Verdict: Very Good, Especially in Certain Situations

The Equifax Tenant Selector provides you with the information you need to know.

It is especially helpful if you don’t have a prospective tenant’s SIN number.

The only issue is it takes a bit of time to get set up because you are dealing with Equifax directly.

 Ontario Landlords Association Review – Credit Checks

The tenant credit check services provided by the Ontario Landlords Association are excellent.

They help landlords succeed and for only a one-time fee the Ontario Landlords Association offers these services at a great discount.

Tenant Credit Checks Are A Key Tool For Landlords To Find Good Tenants.

Our Review of The Ontario Landlords Association Proves They Have Tenant Credit Check Services All Landlords Need to Succeed.

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