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Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia Landlords – Tenant Credit Checks and Tenant Criminal Checks

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 Ontario Landlord Criminal Check

Ontario landlords, Alberta landlords, British Columbia landlords do Credit Checks and Criminal Checks

Make sure you screen your potential tenant very well before accepting money and handing over the keys.

Want to know why landlord tenant screening is essential for success?

Just over the past few months there have been lots of horror stories.

All these horror stories start with the landlord trusting the potential tenant.

The potential tenant has a nice smile.

Or he or she has a nice hand-shake.

More likely the potential tenant has a nice story to tell about why they are currently renting, why they like your rental property, and why they want to rent from you.

Here are a couple of examples.

Barrie, Ontario

Take a look at what happened to this Barrie, Ontario Landlord.

She rented her basement apartment without a credit check or a criminal check.

This led to her being attacked by her tenant twice in one night!

Calgary, Alberta

Let’s see what happened to this Calgary landlord.

She rented out her basement on the recommendation of a friend.

The tenant declared the rental unit his embassy and it took over two year to evict!

Be Careful!

Always make sure you do a credit check on every potential tenant.

We are not talking about a bad tenant check from companies that mislead landlords about what they offer.



Not all credit checks are created equal.  There are a lot of bad credit check companies out there, some are horrible and don’t even give you a FICO score and are a scam in many landlords’ opinions.

Avoid them!

Do the Right Credit Checks

A full credit check gives you a score and also a complete financial history of the applicant.

We recommend GARDA full credit checks.

 You can do GARDA FULL CREDIT CHECKS for only $14 / check if you are member of the Ontario Landlords Association.

You can also do GARDA FULL CREDIT CHECKS by becoming a member of the Alberta Landlords Association (for Alberta landlords) and the BC Landlords Association (for British Columbia landlords)

And don’t forget about Criminal Checks.

Landlords Doing Proper Tenant Screening is the Key for Success. Make Sure your Tenant Screening Includes a Credit Check!

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