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Bad Tenant Screening? Get Ready To Go To Small Claims Court (And Have Problems)

September 1st, 2013 · No Comments · Ontario Landlords Association

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If You Don’t Screen Your Tenants Well Get Ready For Small Claims Court

Imagine this scenario.

Your former tenants were terrific. They stayed a year and it was hassle free.

You screened your tenants well and it paid off!

1. Rent was always paid on time.

2. The property was treated with care.

3. They were really decent people.

After a year they moved out.


They bought their own home. Home ownership was always their goal and they rented from you while their home was being built.

You were kind of sad to see them go but you understood their motives. Now it’s time to find another group of good tenants.

The problem is things are different this year.

You keep advertising and keep showing the property. There’s no shortage of renters. And there’s no shortage of people who want to rent your property.

Except none of them are qualified.

You won’t put anyone into your rental property that you don’t feel totally comfortable with.

Except now it’s the end of the month and your house is empty.

The mortgage is coming up. You need to spend money upgrading the front porch deck because some wood is rotten.

That’s going to cost almost $500.

Potential tenants keep coming. They don’t match your screening standards.

But they have cash and can pay first and last months rent and move in.

What do you do?

Do you lower your standards? Do you hold firm? Do you take a chance on someone to avoid another month of having your rental property empty?

Ontario Landlords Association Member Goes to Small Claims Court

If your property is vacant and things look bleak you should take a look at the Ontario Landlords Association site.

There’s a wonderful story of a tenant who broke a lease and left damages and a filthy mess…including a fridge full of old pizza and an oven caked with grease.

Because the tenant moved out the landlord has to go to small claims court.

He and the ex-tenant worked it out at their Settlement Conference. However, if the tenant was unemployed he might not have found them to serve them court documents.

And if they were qualified with a good credit score and employment it would have been nearly impossible to garnish wages.

Remember this when you get that strange feeling to lower your standards for finding tenants.

Here’s a couple of other stories to read and remember when you get that strange feeling…

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