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Barrie Ontario Landlord Question – How Can I Attract Good Tenants? (Part 1)

April 2nd, 2013 · 1 Comment · Barrie Ontario Landlords

 Find Great Tenants Take Pictures

A Barrie, Ontario Landlord Emailed In a Question Asking How to Find Good Tenants

A terrific email was sent in from a Barrie, Ontario landlord. She said she loves this blog and now understands the important of renting to tenants with good credit (and the importance of credit checks!)

However, she says she’s been having trouble getting credit-worthy tenants to apply for her rental property. She wonders how she can fix this as she doesn’t want bad tenants that many other Barrie, Ontario landlords face. For example:

Barrie Ontario – Tenant Allegedly Assaulted Landlord with a Punch…and a Broom and Knife!

Pictures Equal Results (and those results mean lots of good tenants wanting to rent your property!)

To obtain more positive results from your rental advertisements, you may want to add photos. To a serious renter, carefully captured photos of the unit you are trying to rent out carries more weight and becomes more irresistible. In fact, chances of your property getting chosen over other rentals increase exponentially if you put pictures on it. And we know how tough it can be to evict a bad renter.

Benefits of Putting Pictures in Your Ads

1. People LOVE to Look at Images.

The reason why Pinterest has become very popular these days is because people love pictures. One of the reasons why Facebook is enormously famous is because one can immediately post his pictures online and have all his acquaintances follow his life’s progress and vice versa. Why do people love photos? It is because…

2. Pictures Rarely Lie.

By posting pictures of your rental house on your ads, you are giving a preview of the features of the property being rented out. It is a gesture of openness and sincerity about the asset in question. Potential clients will have an insight on what the property is all about before they make a visit to the actual site. They would know partially based on the pictures that you post if it is the unit that they want. This saves both yours and the customer’s time.

3. Ads That Stand Out

Pictures of your rental property can make your ad stand out from the rest. Undeniably, we usually take a look at adverts with pictures posted on them to narrow down our search. By putting photos on the ad, you are also narrowing down your customer’s’ search efforts.

4. It Builds Trust.

Rental ads with photos mean landlords that are honest and trustworthy. If you put photos on your ads, it only means that you want people to immediately know what is in store for them before they make a trip to your property. It means you are not trying to hide anything and you want them to directly get a look at the features of your property.

We will continue to discuss this important matter soon. To discuss rental ads and how to attract great tenants, go to the Ontario Landlord Forum and networks with landlords across Canada!


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