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Canadian Landlords – How Difficult Is It To Get Rid of Bad Renters?

March 4th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Canadian Landlords

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An international investor who is interested in putting her money into Canadian rental properties and becoming a landlord here emailed us a question:

“How difficult is it to get rid of bad renters?”

It’s a good question

It is a good question. And the answer won’t make her happy.

Evicting bad renters in Canada is not an easy thing to do compared to many other countries (including our neighbours down south in the United States).

No matter what province you are in, evicting a bad renter can be a very time consuming process.  In some provinces such as Ontario, Canada the laws (called the Residential Tenancy Act) and the process you have to follow to evict (called the Landlord and Tenant Board) are extremely biased for tenants.

What can you do if you have a bad renter?

Every landlord/investor with a bad renter wants to know how quickly they can re-coup their losses by evicting the renter and finding a new one (who pays the rent!)

Canada is filled with great renters, but there are many, many cases of bad renters causing problems for landlords across the country.

1. Ontario LandlordsBarrie Ontario Tenant Allegedly Assaulted Landlord with a Punch…and a Broom and Knife!

2. Alberta LandlordsAre You Renting to a Hoarder

3. British Columbia LandlordsLet My Tenant Nightmare Be a Warning to Other Landlords

4. Nova Scotia LandlordsTenants Claiming Mold Ordered to Leave Rental Unit

5. Manitoba Landlords  – Floor Stomping Set Off by Loud Music Leads to Stabbing

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Reason to do lots of research before investing.

The best way to avoid bad renters is to screen carefully and find great tenants you don’t need to evict. But what if you end up with bad ones?

It’s important to catch problems early

One idea to try to avoid problems is to set up automated payments as opposed to a check. This means that on the second of each month you can head online and see whether the rent has been paid. All you need to do is check your online bank statement. If no money has appeared in your account then you can deal with the problem there and then. If they have missed a payment then it is likely it was just an oversight and they may pay you.

Of course, in some cases a financial situation may actually change.

This will mean that they have no intention of paying you now, or even in the near future. How can you get rid of them? Well, it is imperative that you do so as soon as possible because a few tenants at this point start to damage the property, or even disturb other tenants. This is of course going to make everything much more difficult to deal with. They may even be carrying out a number of illegal activities which can be damaging for you in the future.

The renter won’t leave and the eviction process takes months. What can you do?

Welcome to the World of Being a Landlord in Canada!

We will discuss ways to evict bad renters in upcoming blog posts. If you are considering investing, make sure you research carefully. One way to to learn the ropes is by joining a Landlord Forum.

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