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Barrie, Ontario Landlords Be Careful – Tenant Bites Her Landlord!

December 29th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Barrie Landlords

A Barrie, Ontario Landlord Was Actually Bitten By His Tenant

This is a warning to all landlords out there when dealing with bad tenants.

The warning comes from a landlord in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

(Yes, we’ve written about landlord and tenant matters in Barrie, Ontario before)

There was a dispute between a tenant and her landlord in the evening. The landlord called the police and the tenant was told to leave the property.

She did, but the tenant came back as soon as the police left.

Once back the tenant started going crazy and began to smash all the windows of the rental property.

This led to the landlord coming back to try to stop the vandalism.

The landlord confronted the tenant and the tenant once again left. Only this time the landlord followed the tenant and again called the police to report all the smashed windows.

The tenant kept going. The landlord kept after her, while talking on the phone to police.

Then the tenant turned around, faced the landlord, and bit him! Yes, bit him!

The police arrived and arrested the tenant. She was charged with not only ‘assault’ but also charged for ‘mischief’ and breaking her probation rules.

The tenant was then held for a bail hearing. The landlord went to get medical attention.

What’s the lesson from this?

#1 Be careful when dealing with any confrontation with tenants. You never know what can happen. In this case, the landlord was bitten. It could have been much worse.

#2 When dealing with any potential confrontation with your tenants, make sure you have a cell phone so you can contact the police for help if any violence erupts.

#3. If there is any confrontation, don’t try to be a hero. Let the authorities do the job they have been professionally trained for. Othewise you could wind up as a landlord with legal problems.

#4 Do credit checks and make sure you rent to good tenants. Good tenants are out there. It’s up to you to find them.

Let this Incident Experienced by a Barrie, Ontario Landlord Be a Warning Call! Become a professional landlord. Avoid confrontation by finding good tenants!


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