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New Condo Landlords

August 2nd, 2015 · Condo landlords, Ontario Landlords Association, Toronto landlords

Toronto Landlords - Renting Out Your Condo

New Condo Landlords – Have You Invested in a Condo? How Can You Make Sure You Rent to Good Tenants?

There is a terrific story at the Toronto Landlords site to help investors who have purchased condos in Toronto and plan to rent them out to tenants.

This is a very hot topic with so many people buying Toronto condos as an investment. This means they buy the condominium and will rent it out.

We have received lots of emails including this one from Emily Cheung of Toronto:

“I just bought a condo on the lake and want to rent it out. The landlord and tenant laws in Ontario are pretty weird so how can I make sure I only rent to a good tenant because everyone says there are lots of these professional tenants who want to rent from you and not even pay and they can stay for like 6 months to a year. They can make up stories and the Landlord and Tenant Board will believe them all the time. Thank you, Emily.”

How Can Condo Investors Learn About How To Run A Rental Property?

The Toronto Landlords website goes on to explain to new landlords and investors that while it’s a great opportunity to buy a condo and rent it out to tenants it’s also a challenge.

It can be especially tricky if you rent to tenants who party, or smoke, or cause trouble in the condo. Many BC landlords have the same issues.

As a landlord you will be responsible for what your tenants do while renting from you. This means you will have to deal with the Condo Board and the Landlord and Tenant Board.

It’s very difficult to evict tenants in Ontario. The Landlord and Tenant Board knows this…but the Condo Board might not.

They can blame you for all the delays in the eviction process. They don’t know the Truth about the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB).

Rent to Good Tenants

You avoid all these hassles by renting to good tenants who respect you, the property and their neighbours.

Good tenants follow the rules and appreciation the property the rent.

How Can Toronto Landlords Rent to Good Tenants?

Successful Ontario landlords know tenant screening is the key to success.

Make sure you run a credit check on every potential tenant who wants to rent your condo.

By running a credit check you can see their credit score, their past addresses, employment and more. It really shows you who you are going rent to.

Make sure you don’t simply trust your ‘gut feeling’ because it often ends up in disaster as this BC landlord experienced.

New Condo Landlords – Have You Invested in a Condo? Make sure you use credit checks to find good tenants.


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Review of the Ontario Landlords Association: Toronto Star Recommends the Ontario Landlords Association

July 13th, 2014 · BC Landlords Association Review, Ontario Landlords Association Review, Trolls

 Toronto Star Recommends Joining the Ontario Landlords Association

Toronto Star Says Join a group such as the Ontario Landlords Association  where after becoming a member, you can do a credit check for as low as $10, and use their supporting materials to assist you.

Every experienced landlord in Ontario knows being a landlord in Ontario isn’t easy.

After all we often read stories in the newspaper about Tenants From Hell.

The Toronto Star recently has a story about Nina Willis.

She is a person the Star calls the “Tenant From Hell” because she keeps using the flawed Ontario landlord and tenant legal system to protect bad tenants and rip off good landlords.

How Does the Tenant From Hell Cheat Landlords?

Here is how Ontario landlords get cheated by her.

She likes to pick on Toronto landlords and Scarborough landlords.

Before moving in she recites a great story she has prepared to get the small scale landlord to rent to her and her friends.

As soon as she is “in” the rental unit she cancels cheques and starts bringing up bogus repair claims to avoid being evicted for not paying the rent.

British Columbia

Unfortunately these type of nasty bad tenant tactics are spreading.

BC landlords are facing serial bad tenants who owe tens of thousands of dollars in owed rent and they only avoided jail time by paying one of their ex-landlords the rent they owe!

Alberta Landlords

Alberta landlords are high alert after the facts came known of a ‘nice couple’ tricked their small landlord into renting to them based on their happy demeanor and the fact their kids could go to the school across the street.

They started a marijuana grow op that destroyed their landlord’s rental business. He didn’t run a credit check to confirm the ‘sweet words’ they gave him during the interview to rent his house.

Edmonton landlords took careful notes.

How Can The Canada Association Help Landlords?

The Ontario Landlords Association, Alberta Landlords Association, and the BC Landlords Association offer amazing help to landlords for a one time set up fee!

For the one time fee you get access to discounted credit checks and the Rental Kit with premium documents you need to succeed.

Trolls and Negative Posts About the Ontario Landlords Association

There have already been some great blog posts explaining those who wrote negative reviews of the Ontario Landlords Association.

These are people who benefited from Ontario landlords not knowing their rights (like pro tenants) and not networking. So of course they HATE the Ontario Landlords Association.

There are also cases where some Ontario Landlords joined the Ontario Landlords Association and loved it.

However, they didn’t follow the strict rules to maintain membership and were ‘evicted.’

This led to some troll posts on other forums trying to defame the Ontario Landlords Association on other websites.

Paying the Low Set Up Fee of $99 Doesn’t Allow You To Break The Terms Of Service

Some new landlords thought paying the one-time membership fee allowed them to break the rules. It doesn’t. There is a lot of case law of successful lawsuits for defamation on the internet. It’s not a good idea to defame someone or an organization or legal action can be taken.

Negative Posts Against BC Landlords Association

We have also seen some crazy attempted smear jobs against the excellent BC Landlords Association.

Many of these negative posts on other forums and websites seem to be from people angry the BC Landlords Association only charges a one time set up fee and is growing so fast!

After all, charging an annual fee doesn’t make sense for small landlords even if it does pay salaries for employees.

Ontario Landlords Association Review – Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a One-Time Fee and Get Access to Terrific Credit Check Services and an Amazing Rental Kit.

BC Landlords and Alberta Landlords – Join the BC Landlords Association and the Alberta Landlords Association for a One-Time Fee.

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Landlords: How Can I Check My Tenants Credit?

April 15th, 2014 · Tenant Credit Check

 Landlord Tenant Credit Check

Choosing the Right Tenants Is The Key For Successful Landlords

The story about serious tenants making life hell for B.C. landlords is must-see viewing for landlords all over the country.

Surprisingly, the news comes from an investigation from CBC News.

Usually the left-leaning CBC reports only on tenant problems. This time they should be praised for reporting on a situation that shows tenants are often the ones who cause problems for small landlords.

It even has British Columbia landlords demanding the government create a ‘bad tenant registry.’

What About Doing Conducting A Credit Check on The Tenant?

While the CBC report has Canada landlords wanting to create bad tenant lists all over the nation perhaps there is a better way.

The Landlord forum has an excellent question form a new condo investor who is now becoming a Toronto landlord.

She explains she is a new landlord and wants to do whatever she can to thorough screen and eventually rent to great tenants.

Smart Landlord

This condo investor is on her way to finding good tenants.

Even Alberta Landlords are now praising TVS for helping them with tenant credit checks. Never before have they had such a great service at such a terrific price.

We had an Edmonton landlord who emailed the following comment:

“I am extremely happy with the TVS landlord tenant credit check system. The reports are excellent and the client service team was very helpful to get me started.”

Are Landlords Allowed To Check Tenants Credit?


According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission a landlord can inform their tenant they want to conduct a credit check.

The landlord needs permission from the tenant to do a credit check or a police check.

It’s important to remember that not having a credit rating is not equal to having bad credit.

Many newcomers to Canada will not have a Canadian credit score (as it takes a few years to build up).

Landlords all over Canada are now protecting themselves from serial non-paying tenants with credit checks.

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Ontario Landlords: Tenant Screening (Fake Equifax Reports)

January 3rd, 2014 · Credit Checks, Ontario landlords

 Ontario landlords fake Equifax credit reports

An Ontario Landlord Has Reported Some Unqualified Tenants Attempted to Pass Off a Fake Equifax Tenant Credit Report To a Landlord

Landlords all over Ontario are becoming aware of the importance to tenant screening.

There have just been too many horror stories in the recent past. They just keep adding up.

Not only are Ontario landlords constrained by a very low rent increase of only 0.8% as the Toronto Sun reports, but the system is flawed.

A large percentage of tenants who are abusing landlords not only financially, but emotionally.

We’ve read stories of tenant manipulating the landlord and tenant board.

Other tenants have been extremely violent towards their landlords and/or other tenants in the rental unit.

While Alberta landlords can at least charge a damage deposit, landlords in Ontario are nearly defenseless if they hand over the keys to bad tenants.

Tenant Credit Checks

More and more landlords are demanding to know the financial history of their prospective tenants.

After all, if the tenants have a history of jilting people they owe money to, why would you think they won’t jilt you too by not paying rent.

On the other hand, tenants who have a high score have a history of paying their bills on time.

They respect contracts and honour them.

A high credit score is a way for landlords to know if the strangers you might rent to are respectful and understand what financial obligations are.

After all, if they have a high score and pay others what they owe there’s a great chance they will pay their rent (and on time!)

Bad Tenants and Fake Credit Checks

A story at the Ontario Landlords Association should be required reading for all landlords.

With so many landlords becoming aware of the importance of tenant screening bad tenants are adapting.

You know, like Charles Darwin wrote, things adapt to survive.

The story at the OLA is of tenants who offered the landlord their own credit report.

Yes, the offered it before even being asked.


Because they said they knew landlords wanted credit reports so they printed their out.

Except one thing.

The credit report they gave the landlord was fake.

The renters attempted to defraud the landlord and when the landlord called them on it, the tenants left and didn’t call back.

Tenant Screening in 2014

Ontario landlords face more challenges than ever before.

Fake Equifax credit checks are the latest ploy bad tenants are using to get into your rental property and creating a financial and emotional nightmare for you.

Whether you own rentals in Ottawa, are a landlord in Newmarket, or anywhere else:

Be Careful in 2014!

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Ontario Landlords Association Review – Member Tenant Credit Checks

November 14th, 2013 · Ontario Landlords Association Review of Membership

 Ontario Landlords Association Review Tenant Credit Checks

Time For A Review of the Ontario Landlords Association Member Tenant Credit Checks

The Ontario Landlords Association is the fastest growing landlord association in Ontario.

They offer lots of tools and services to help landlords exceed.

Among these tools and services are Tenant Credit Checks.

Are Tenant Credit Checks Important for Landlords?


They are absolutely essential if you want to find good tenants and avoid the growing list of ‘professional tenants out there.’

Tenants From Hell Can Be Avoided With Credit Checks

Remember Nina Willis?

She has left a string of financially ruined all over Toronto and the GTA.

The landlords who rented to her didn’t do a tenant credit check.

Ontario Landlords Association Review – Member Tenant Credit Checks

Let’s take a look at the tenant credit check services offered by the Ontario Landlords Association for their one-time fee.

1. Tenant Verification Service (TVS)


TVS is a premier Tenant Background Check service that is easy to use, fast and efficient.  

TVS can help landlords avoid risky tenants and save money with tenant background checks, Landlord Credit Checks, and Tenant Screening.

Verdict: Excellent

TVS reports provide you with a score and the details you need to choose the right tenant.

The customer service team at TVS is amazing.

2. Garda Background Screening


It is easy for landlords to find any kind of tenant for their rental property. 

It is much more difficult to find the right tenant who will not pose a risk to your investment.  How do you protect yourself and your property? 

Garda can help with our Canadian tenant screening services. 

Verdict: Excellent

Landlords need to try out Garda. You will be amazed how Garda credit checks can provide you with detailed information to help you choose a great tenant.

The Garda team is terrific and the system to conduct checks is fast and efficient.

3. Equifax Tenant Selector


Tenant Selector draws on Equifax’s market leading source of consumer credit  information to instantly provide users with 24/7 access to a real-time recommendation on prospective tenants. 

No longer is it necessary to pull and review an applicant’s credit report to protect oneself against the potential threat of income loss or identity theft.

Verdict: Very Good, Especially in Certain Situations

The Equifax Tenant Selector provides you with the information you need to know.

It is especially helpful if you don’t have a prospective tenant’s SIN number.

The only issue is it takes a bit of time to get set up because you are dealing with Equifax directly.

 Ontario Landlords Association Review – Credit Checks

The tenant credit check services provided by the Ontario Landlords Association are excellent.

They help landlords succeed and for only a one-time fee the Ontario Landlords Association offers these services at a great discount.

Tenant Credit Checks Are A Key Tool For Landlords To Find Good Tenants.

Our Review of The Ontario Landlords Association Proves They Have Tenant Credit Check Services All Landlords Need to Succeed.

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Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia Landlords – Tenant Credit Checks and Tenant Criminal Checks

October 26th, 2013 · Criminal Checks

 Ontario Landlord Criminal Check

Ontario landlords, Alberta landlords, British Columbia landlords do Credit Checks and Criminal Checks

Make sure you screen your potential tenant very well before accepting money and handing over the keys.

Want to know why landlord tenant screening is essential for success?

Just over the past few months there have been lots of horror stories.

All these horror stories start with the landlord trusting the potential tenant.

The potential tenant has a nice smile.

Or he or she has a nice hand-shake.

More likely the potential tenant has a nice story to tell about why they are currently renting, why they like your rental property, and why they want to rent from you.

Here are a couple of examples.

Barrie, Ontario

Take a look at what happened to this Barrie, Ontario Landlord.

She rented her basement apartment without a credit check or a criminal check.

This led to her being attacked by her tenant twice in one night!

Calgary, Alberta

Let’s see what happened to this Calgary landlord.

She rented out her basement on the recommendation of a friend.

The tenant declared the rental unit his embassy and it took over two year to evict!

Be Careful!

Always make sure you do a credit check on every potential tenant.

We are not talking about a bad tenant check from companies that mislead landlords about what they offer.



Not all credit checks are created equal.  There are a lot of bad credit check companies out there, some are horrible and don’t even give you a FICO score and are a scam in many landlords’ opinions.

Avoid them!

Do the Right Credit Checks

A full credit check gives you a score and also a complete financial history of the applicant.

We recommend GARDA full credit checks.

 You can do GARDA FULL CREDIT CHECKS for only $14 / check if you are member of the Ontario Landlords Association.

You can also do GARDA FULL CREDIT CHECKS by becoming a member of the Alberta Landlords Association (for Alberta landlords) and the BC Landlords Association (for British Columbia landlords)

And don’t forget about Criminal Checks.

Landlords Doing Proper Tenant Screening is the Key for Success. Make Sure your Tenant Screening Includes a Credit Check!

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Bad Tenant Screening? Get Ready To Go To Small Claims Court (And Have Problems)

September 1st, 2013 · Ontario Landlords Association

 Tenant Screening Ontario Landlords Association Small Claims Court

If You Don’t Screen Your Tenants Well Get Ready For Small Claims Court

Imagine this scenario.

Your former tenants were terrific. They stayed a year and it was hassle free.

You screened your tenants well and it paid off!

1. Rent was always paid on time.

2. The property was treated with care.

3. They were really decent people.

After a year they moved out.


They bought their own home. Home ownership was always their goal and they rented from you while their home was being built.

You were kind of sad to see them go but you understood their motives. Now it’s time to find another group of good tenants.

The problem is things are different this year.

You keep advertising and keep showing the property. There’s no shortage of renters. And there’s no shortage of people who want to rent your property.

Except none of them are qualified.

You won’t put anyone into your rental property that you don’t feel totally comfortable with.

Except now it’s the end of the month and your house is empty.

The mortgage is coming up. You need to spend money upgrading the front porch deck because some wood is rotten.

That’s going to cost almost $500.

Potential tenants keep coming. They don’t match your screening standards.

But they have cash and can pay first and last months rent and move in.

What do you do?

Do you lower your standards? Do you hold firm? Do you take a chance on someone to avoid another month of having your rental property empty?

Ontario Landlords Association Member Goes to Small Claims Court

If your property is vacant and things look bleak you should take a look at the Ontario Landlords Association site.

There’s a wonderful story of a tenant who broke a lease and left damages and a filthy mess…including a fridge full of old pizza and an oven caked with grease.

Because the tenant moved out the landlord has to go to small claims court.

He and the ex-tenant worked it out at their Settlement Conference. However, if the tenant was unemployed he might not have found them to serve them court documents.

And if they were qualified with a good credit score and employment it would have been nearly impossible to garnish wages.

Remember this when you get that strange feeling to lower your standards for finding tenants.

Here’s a couple of other stories to read and remember when you get that strange feeling…

Barrie Landlord Attacked By Tenant With a Knife…and a Broom!

Basement Tenant Murdered His Landlord


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Tenant Arrested Two Times In One Night Fighting His Barrie Landlord

August 4th, 2013 · Barrie landlord

Barrie tenant attack Barrie Landlord Twice In One Night

Ever been in a fight?

Maybe it was when you were in elementary school and someone wanted to steal your lunch money?

Or did someone check you a little too hard on the hockey rink and it led to some pushing and shoving during your teenage years?

A story at the Barrie Landlord blog is about someone much more frightening.

It’s even worse than the usual problems Ontario landlords face.

Here’s what went down…

A dispute took place in a duplex.

The landlady lived upstairs and rented her basement to a middle-aged man. According to the Barrie Examiner there was a lot of commotion going on in the downstairs apartment.

The tenant must have been having a bad night because he was destroying his own belongings in the early hours.

Throwing things around in the middle of the night is not what any landlord wants to have happen, especially if she is living upstairs!

She called the authorities and the tenant was taken away to settle down.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there.

Between 7 – 8 a.m. he was released and returned to the rental property.

He tried to open his door and when he found it was locked the threats to the landlady started again.

The authorities came and did a good job. Only imagine how the landlady must feel.

And, she still have to deal with the tenant.

According to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board, the landlady will have to go through a long eviction process to terminate his tenancy and get him out of her life.

A lot of you might be asking the question:

Why Would The Barrie Landlord Even Rent To This Tenant?

The answer isn’t simple.  As discussed in the Ontario Landlord Association forum:

Sometimes there simply isn’t anyone qualified for months on end and you have to take a risk.

Part of the problem is so many people rent out basements while living upstairs meaning the highest qualified tenants have lots of choices.

The government doesn’t care these places are usually created by the owners themselves. Meaning they aren’t inspected by the fire department, aren’t up to code, don’t have legal windows, exits, etc.

This is why I dare the government to go ahead with landlord licensing. Give these non-pro landlords a chance to put down another 5-10k to get up to code or shut them down.

The message is: Landlords Screen Your Tenants Well!

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Tenant Screening: Make Sure You Get Calling References

July 3rd, 2013 · tenant screening

tenant screening calling references

It’s summer and the hot weather has finally arrived.

The kids are out of school. You are planning your family vacation. Your thoughts are on your barbeque

With so much on your plate it’s tough to prepare your schedule and get everything done.

Oh, and you have rental properties to manage.

In the summer landlords often take their eye of the ball. Especially when renting to new tenants.

We want to remind our readers on how complicated it can be to evict a bad tenant.

And when you are dealing with a bad tenant life isn’t fun!

Get Back Into Landlord Mode

When screening tenants you have to go into ‘landlord mode.’ This means focussing 100% on your rental property business and finding great tenants.

Proper Tenant Screening

Make sure you do credit checks.

Also get on the telephone and start checking tenant references.

1.    Call their employer

Some tenants simply lie about where they work. Call their company and make sure what they say is true. Also, make sure you check you are actually talking to their employer and not to a ‘friend’ who is acting as the tenant’s supervisor.

2.    Call previous landlords

This can be a loaded gun but it’s still worth it. Call the previous (or current landlord) and ask them if the rent was paid on time and how they took care of the property. Remember, the landlord might give the tenant a glorious recommendation…because they want the renter out of their property.

3.    Call personal references

Similar to point #2 this is a loaded gun and you need to be a bit suspicious of whatever you hear. It’s still worth it though. Ask personal references how long they have known the tenant applicant and see what else they tell you. Again, if the friend gives an over the top recommendation it can be a red flag.

Enjoy your start to summer. Good tenant screening will help you enjoy the rest of it.

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Websites Landlords Can Learn About Tenant Screening (And Other Rental Property Tips!)

June 15th, 2013 · Landlord Self-Help Centre

landlord help and advice

We’ve received lots of awesome emails over the past year and want to thank all our readers for their ideas, thoughts and best wishes.

The feedback for our blog post on how to find great tenants received over 100 email replies!

One of the most common emails we get are people thanking us for the information we provide and asking us about other places to learn about tenant screening.

Many landlords are independently minded. They also like to be ‘hands on’ and are ‘doers.’

Many small and medium sized landlords tell us they want to gain knowledge to be their own “Landlord Self-Help Centre“.

So where can you get information?

1.Barrie landlords

Barrie is a city in Central Ontario, Canada, on the western shore of Lake Simcoe. Although located in Simcoe County, the city is politically independent. Barrie is within the northern part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, a densely populated and industrialized region of Ontario.

In 2011 census, the city’s population was originally reported as 135,711,making it the 34th largest in Canada. The city’s 2011 population was subsequently revised to 136,063.The Barrie metropolitan area has a population of 187,013 residents, making it the 21st largest, and one of the fastest growing census metropolitan areas in the country.

For Barrie, Ontario landlords we recommend www.Barrielandlords.ca

2. Ottawa landlords

And there is Ottawa, our nations capital (with a pretty good young hockey team!)

For Ottawa, Ontario landlords we recommend www.Ottawalandlords.ca

3. Looking for a winning Canadian income property

What about those wanting to learn about investing in “income property”?

With house prices rising in much of the country, this is a huge category and we recommend you check out www.Canadaincomeproperty.ca

4. Tenants Looking For Help and Advice

If you are tenant looking for information, help and advice we recommend www.Canadatenants.ca

5. Other Great Landlord Sites

There are also very helpful provincial associations such as the Ontario Landlords Association, the BC Landlords Association, the Manitoba Landlords Association, the Nova Scotia Landlords Association and the Alberta Landlords Association.

Knowledge is power. Take a look at the amazing sites we mentioned here and keep reading us (we have only just begun!) 

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